member Benefits

Membership of the Society is open to all individuals active in the field of reproductive medicine and science including medical doctors, scientists, students and support personnel (such as managers, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, counsellors, psychologists, social workers and clinical embryologists).

Membership Categories

€100 Annual Due

Individuals with a doctoral degree or equivalent scientific accomplishment.

€50 Annual Due

Undergraduate, graduate and medical students, residents and post-doctoral research trainees.

Support personnel such as: nurses/midwives, laboratory technicians, counsellors/ psychologists/ social workers.


Students and Paramedical members need to send a proof of status letter (see attached example) to be printed on headed paper from their Head of Department.

Please send your proof of status letter by email at: poseidon@medeaacademy.com. It will take from 2 to 7 days to activate your reduced membership account.



Member benefits

Why should I join POSEIDON?

Here are several reasons you should consider joining the Poseidon’s group.

News and Education

• Access to publications related to the Poseidon’s stratification of low prognosis patients in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and its new marker of successful outcome in ART.
• Access to podcasts and videos concerning presentations about Poseidon concepts.
• Updates on the latest news about Poseidon’s group activities and events
• Receive twice-yearly newsletters with scientific, clinical, and group-related information

Professional Development and Recognition

• Networking opportunities with Poseidon’s members worldwide and through small group meetings
• Input into shaping protocols and algorithms for clinical management of patients undergoing ART
• Opportunity to participate in research studies and clinical trials related to Poseidon concepts
• Eligibility to receive Poseidon’s Member Official Certificate and to be listed in the membership directory

Online Resources for Members Only

• Access to an online calculator to estimate the number of oocytes needed to achieve at least one euploid embryo for transfer in each patient
• Attend meetings
• Be an outspoken supporter of Poseidon’s group
• Get involved in Poseidon’s activities
• Contact board members with your views
• Submit ideas for studies, protocols, and articles related to Poseidon’s concepts
• Submit ideas and articles to Poseidon’s newsletters

Specials and Discounts

• Discounts on Poseidon’s Scientific Meetings registration fees and services
Reduced membership fee for undergraduate, graduate and medical students, residents and post-doctoral research trainees as well as support personnel such as nurses/midwives, laboratory technicians, counsellors/ psychologists/ social workers.